Request states: example comparison

This page shows differences between states used on two different Alaveteli instances — one in Kosovo and one in the UK. This is a practical example showing that you can customise the states that your site uses.

The request states are defined in the Alaveteli code, and we recommend you use them (provided they match the FOI law in your own jurisdiction). (Kosovo) example

Requests made on Kosovo’s Alaveteli instance, InformataZyrtare, use slightly different states from those on the UK’s instance, WhatDoTheyKnow (WDTK).

Generally, this arises simply because the local legislation, or the way the groups running the sites work, are different in different places. Alaveteli facilitates this by allowing you to customise the states that are used.

This example is to show clearly that you can use different states depending on your local requirements, and how that might look. See Customising the request states for details on how to do this.

States used by InformataZyrtare but not WDTK

States used by WDTK but not InformataZyrtare

For more details, see all the states used by WhatDoTheyKnow for details.


Details of InformataZytare states

The states which aren’t represented on WDTK’s states are described in a little more detail here:

The Authority has requested deadline extension.
Only part of the request has being refused but the successful request to an information has not been attached.
The authority has replied but the response does not correspond to the request.