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What is Alaveteli?

An open-source platform for making public freedom of information requests to public bodies.

Built to help citizens request information, and view and comment on other people’s requests

All requests made through Alaveteli, and their responses are published online for everyone to see.

Used all over the world to open up governments and other public bodies.

Alaveteli has helped citizens make over 1,000,000+ Freedom of Information requests in 25+ jurisdictions

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How Alaveteli works

Make a public request for information by finding the relevant authority

How Alaveteli works

You write a request for information from the authority

How Alaveteli works

The request and all responses are published online for anyone to view

What does Alaveteli do?

Supports many, many devices out of the box

Alaveteli works beautifully on a wide range of devices, including smartphones and tablets, thanks to a flexible responsive design.

Messaging, notifications, and follow ups

Alaveteli controls the workflow of every request, notifying, and reminding public bodies and requesters at every stage.

Fully customisable

Use our code as a starting point to add your own functionality, or country-specific requirements


Available in twenty languages and counting, and you can translate it to your own


Alaveteli is always in development and the code is open source, so you can help make it better


Alaveteli hides the complexity behind the FOI process and makes it easy for citizens to use their rights

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Alaveteli is open source and available to view, download and modify on GitHub


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